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     When humans manipulate nature to reflect our own needs and wants what are we left with? My body of work, “Metamorphosis”, attempts to showcase a dream like vision of what might happen if nature starts to reflect the gross and uncomfortable aspects of humankind. More specifically, I am exploring what insects would look like if they began to undergo a metamorphosis of sorts and took on human characteristics and invaded our homes. Many people would say that insects are terrifying to them, but such a small creature isn’t as terrifying as the things that humans do to the planet.


     To express the message behind this body of work, each piece is created with oil paint on shaped masonite panels. In order to convey the grotesque nature of the humanization of nature, I focused on trying to give the paintings a “moist” or wet looking texture, by varying the thicknesses and glazes of oil paint on the surface. Moreover, eyes were used as a motif throughout the body of work to evoke both beauty and repulsion. Eyes are beautiful, but close ups of eyes can either be disconcerting to viewers. Additionally, strokes of bold neon and acidic colors were applied to the masonite to highlight some of the more organic and intricate details within the insects’ anatomy. For the background I chose to incorporate a pattern that mimics light hitting pool or bath water. Beyond the insects taking human form they are slowly invading areas commonly populated by people, symbolizing the reclamation of nature.

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